Ultralow noise products



SILENTSYS is offering photonics products that are compact, plug and play, easy to use, and cost-effective systems.

Moreover, they feature cutting-edge performance being for example suitable for laser frequency noise characterization and/or for laser frequency stabilization to drastically reduce the optical full width at half maximum linewidth.

We are covering a huge wavelength range from UV, VIS, NIR to MIR and we are open to custom product developments to fit better you needs.

With our systems you can transform your MHz linewidth laser into an Hz linewidth laser by pressing one button.

Enhance your lasers with simplicity!

Better components for better experiments !


More and more scientific systems are requiring ultralow voltage noise, high bandwith and very precise electronic modules.

This is very important to the best performances for the entire experiment and application.

SILENTSYS provide different electronic products useful for your lab or R&D work, always in a compact and easy to use package.

Coming soon!

THz / GHz

Are you interested in ultralow phase noise GHz or THz signals generation or characterization ?

Have a look to our solutions !

SILENTSYS is developing user-friendly systems, also in collaboration with industrial partners, to reach unprecedent level of noise for high frequency signals.

Silentsys SAS Ultralow noise products

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In this catalog, we present our company, the members, our products and services we offer.

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