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SILENTSYS SAS is a french company, spin off of the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland, that develops, produces and commercializes innovative ultralow noise systems covering photonics, microwave/THz and electronic modules.

Thanks to our well-established know-how and our patented designs, SILENTSYS offers high-performance systems that are compact, easy to use and affordable.

Our goal is to provide systems that are highly compatible with the needs of emerging industrial and laboratory applications such as those related to quantum technologies (Communications, Cryptography, Computing, Metrology, Sensing…).

We are a new and dynamic start-up founded in 2021 and based in Le Mans (FR), which was launched after more then 2 years of development in Switzerland.

Our executive members

Silentsys SAS Team Dr Pierre Brochard Photo
Dr. Pierre Brochard

President & CEO

Silentsys SAS Team Ing Romain Frénéhard Photo
Ing. Romain Frénéhard

CTO & Co-founder

Silentsys SAS Team Dr. François Labaye Photo
Dr. François Labaye

Board member & Co-founder

Silentsys SAS Team Dr Valentin Wittwer Photo
Dr. Valentin Wittwer

Board member & Co-founder

Careers at SILENTSYS

SILENTSYS’s team is constantly growing, and we are looking for talented people that share our vision and want to work in a motivating environment.

If you are interested in bringing your skill to SILENTSYS, please send us an email with your CV to info@silentsys.com.

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